Creating beautiful, sustainable gardens in Monmouth

Jen the Cycling Gardener

I design, create and care for gardens in and around Monmouth.

Take a look at the garden services I offer. 

I specialise in sustainable gardens that are economical, self-renewing and can endure extremes in weather.

Whether you’re looking for advice, practical help or regular maintenance, I visit new clients initially with no obligation.

gardener in Monmouth with bike and trailer
wildflower meadow

Why choose me?

I value my clients’ wellbeing and treat nature respectfully. I’m environmentally conscious, work organically and don’t use noisy equipment.

I strive for sustainability – my approach is considered, economic and resourceful.

My clients know they can count on me. I work efficiently and am adaptable – I’ll be there when things need doing, not because it’s a Tuesday. 

Consultation & Design

Garden in need of a re-think? I offer professional, affordable advice and creative solutions for tricky areas. I also give lessons if you’d like more confidence gardening at home.